Adult Literacy Tutor Training

interactive ability returning ASAP
Storyboard for Adult Literacy Tutor Training
Original presentation structure for in-person trainings

About This Project:
In response to Covid-19, the education programs at this nonprofit organization began to offer an introductory tutoring session online for potential adult education tutors. I designed this for an audience who would be either working one-on-one, in small groups, or in a classroom with adult learners. The audience is a blend of educators and other community professionals, and the training had several goals: help future tutors understand adult literacy, apply education theories to real-world scenarios, and know how to take the next steps to become a tutor in a teaching environment that appeals to them.

Project Details:
Type: eLearning
Date: 2020
Client: Neighborhood House
Tools: Articulate Rise, MS Office
Response: smooth, accessible

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