Case Study: Hope Elementary School

About This Project:
I worked with a team of instructional designers to design Covid-19 specific back-to-school online professional development for a small (fictionalized) school district. My section of this training focused on Canvas, which was the LMS that the district had adopted.

Project Details:
Type: eLearning (case study)
Date: 2020
Client: professional development
Response: fun

Target Learners

The teachers in this school have strong relationships with each other and generally see themselves as being interdependent. There is a strong sense of teamwork, which allows for grade-level teams to work collaboratively in breakout rooms and on projects that they could use in their own classrooms.

Instructional Method & Delivery System

A four-module, online course has been designed to address these four learning goals. The overall design reflects an elaboration model, whereby orienting experiences are offered to anchor teachers’ grasp of key ideas and introduce a common problem-solving frame” and creation of a Survival Toolkit. Within each of the four modules, supplantive strategies gradually transition to more generative learning experiences as teachers gain confidence and meet initial learning goals in each module. Each unit features interactive and applied exercises, discussion prompts, and opportunities for group work to promote teachers’ capacity to engage and build understanding and skill that can be easily transferred to real-life contexts.

Design Choices

  • The instructional plan is grounded in teachers’ pragmatic need to have content created quickly for the start of school; the projects for each session involve producing structure and frameworks for their own online classrooms.
  • The directional focus of the workshop follows a gradual-release model; while the teachers may not have the experience navigating Canvas up to this point, they are highly motivated and expert learners. Given just enough information and asked the right questions, they have incentive to do quite a bit independently – especially with the structural support of an instructional coach for follow up assistance.
  • Microlessons involve a combination of information sharing, discussions, inquiry-directed learning, and application of new knowledge. Most elementary teachers are invested in a blend of different pedagogies, including constructivism and inquiry-based learning. They would be most comfortable with these models, and since the learning of an LMS is a challenge in other regards, it makes the most sense to incorporate pedagogies (and andragogies) with which they are most comfortable.
Click image for detailed instruction plan.

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