I am an instructional designer who thrives in creative, innovative environments where I can build learning experiences that help learners be wildly successful. I am also a big-picture thinker and problem solver. I love connecting with people, particularly people who are trying to change the way the world thinks and works.

In my design work, I draw on a lot of different frameworks and approaches, including action mapping, Kirkpatrick’s evaluation model, Dick and Carey model, design thinking, story design, ADDIE, and Agile/LLAMA. All of these things work together, but story design is what gets me really excited – a lot of great learning experiences are grounded in narrative.


This portfolio is a living document, so you can expect to see fresh samples as I move newer projects into a shareable format. The projects below include eLearning and online course development, facilitator guides, and job aids. Learn more by clicking on each image.

Mobile eLearning Tab Interaction

This mobile interaction helps book club members find new recommendations based on the most popular Goodreads TBR lists.

Technical Writing VILT (remix)

This semester-long course on technical writing introduces learners to concepts like user-centered design, visual rhetoric, usability testing, and other key tech writing concepts that they then apply in their own writing.

ILT/Facilitator’s Guide

This six-lesson ILT introduces learners to blogging. Created for the National Council of Teachers of English/International Reading Association website.

Education Research

Teaching Tourism in Jamaica (with Cathy Rex)

Within this article, we convey ideas about stereotypes and ethnic supremacy that many university students tend to hold about Jamaica and the challenges of disabusing travelers of these notions and to achieve educational goals related to equity, diversity and inclusivity.

We explore the concept of the tourism imaginary and key ideas in critical pedagogy, critical literacy and critical race theory that guided our course development, and we explain how we used these concepts as a framework for building intercultural competence within our student population.

By addressing the complexities of Jamaica’s transnational cultural identity and using tourism to deconstruct the idea of experiencing an ‘authentic’ Jamaica, this two-part immersion course works to shift student consciousness from racial and ethnic superiority to a place of intercultural competence.

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