writing professional resolutions

I’m a sucker for New Year’s resolutions. And this has been a hell of a year… so I MAYYYY have started working on my resolutions a while ago. But I listened to a podcast by the Modern Mentor the other day, and I wanted to share some of her tips for creating professional resolutions becauseContinue reading “writing professional resolutions”

virtual education, equity, and kindness

A lot of educators that I know went back to school yesterday – virtually, in-person, hybrid, flex, or otherwise. As classes resume, one of my roles as an education director for a nonprofit organization is to help our former adult education students transition into new spaces. One of my former students stopped by to haveContinue reading “virtual education, equity, and kindness”

learning theories

Terry Heick has a great post about the concepts on Richard Millwood’s Learning Theory graph, with definitions of key ideas that might be helpful as you create new projects and curricula for the upcoming school year. I always appreciate having this visual resource as a touch-point when I’m thinking through new teaching ideas and howContinue reading “learning theories”

teaching in a pandemic

Congratulations, educators! We made it through our first semester of pandemic teaching. Today, the CDC released their guidelines for reopening schools. Based on the guidelines they provided, I suspect that a lot of us will still be teaching online in the fall. If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably give yourself a week or twoContinue reading “teaching in a pandemic”